Gold for Oslo

In December Colette published their new e-mag  Seamwork

In December Colette published their new e-mag Seamwork for the first time. It promised to come together with two easy and quick patterns per issue.
It’s an abo, but it’s monthly callable. I sign because it’s not so expensive and I like the work of Colette. Additionally I was totally into the OSLO Cardigan pattern.

The golden fabric was a classical spontaneous online-purchase. At first I thought about sewing a dress from it, but after it was delivered I saw that it was much more glittering than expected. Hm. Too much for a dress, but for a Cardigan?

My plan was to finish the Cardigan for NYE, but my old sewing machine (yes, I HAVE A NEW SEWING MACHINE! Woouhoooou!) didn’t want to seam it. OSLO moved to the UFO box and I went on sewing an alternative NYE outfit.

With my new machine it was no problem to sew this slippery fabric. I also tested the embroidery function. Okay, the placement could be better chosen, but generally I like the result! 😀


The cardigan was fast-sewn like promised, I didn’t need more than the announced two hours. Another positive thing is, that the pattern has really Colette standard. The instructions are clear, the graphics are good and the pattern itself matches perfectly.


For my taste the sleeves are a little bit too long, but I’m not so much the roll-up-sleeve-type. Next time I will shorten them a little bit.


I have so many ideas for this beautiful pattern, but I don’t have the right fabric at the moment.
I will keep the pattern close at hand. 🙂

Have a great day!


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