My First Try to Knit Miette by Andi Satterlund

After knitting a scarf for me and for my hubby I was totally bored of these small projects. I’m not the sandbagger type, you know. 😉
Why don’t start with the big things, why don’t knit a Cardigan? First I tried a simple one which I found at Für Sie. It didn’t look very difficult and the instructions were easy to follow. No counting on meshs or rows, just a mesurement in cm of the garment.

I started to knit like day and night with my shitty plastic wool from a discounter. It doesn’t feel good, it wasn’t easy to knit, but it looks nice J You see, I’m not a crack in wool stuff 😀

And I did pockets. Yay!


And after some time I was done. 400 grams of acrylic wool were transformed into a Cardigan. I tried it on and after a quick view in the mirror I could face the truth: I looked like an idiot.
It’s much too big and it doesn’t suit me. Okay, let’s say: I have learned a lot while knitting this one. 😀


And to me it’s clear: It’s not my fault – I just need clearer instructions 😉

I really love the designs of Andi Sutterlund and I’m sure everybody needs a Miette in the wardrobe! I went on shopping the next cheap acrylic microfiber wool and studied Andy’s instructions.
Yo yo yo! – I felt like a rapper while reading it!

After struggling a bit I decided to knit a M size. My measurements are 39 inch and M is for 38 inch. It’s recommended to knit with a negative ease of 2 inch and so I thought, it will fit me at least. My tension sample was exactly the same like in the instructions.

I have to say, I had a lot of fun! It felt like solving a puzzle and I really needed my full concentration in the rows with the pattern.

For the sleeves I worked the first time with 5 needles. (It’s incredible that there’s no English word for the German „Nadelspiel“!) After arranging my fingers it worked very good.


And then, after 2 weeks of nearly full-time knitting, I put it on and…. It doesn’t fit! It’s to small! The sleeves are very tight and it’s not possible to pull something underneath.

I bound of too tight and there’s almost no ease. I need to find a better method!


Apart from this fitting problems I think that I did it quite well. Nevertheless I still don’t have a Miette. I will go on trying and maybe I going to buy more quality yarn and knit Miette in L.



Cross fingers that my next try will be better! 🙂



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