I Just Wanna Make You Sweat – {Frau Fannie}

Oh, lovely wintertime! Best time to put on your cozy and warm clothes and relax on the couch with a cup of hot tea!

Some time ago I wore Sewat Hoodies for these days, but in the meantime I sorted them all out. Finally that doesn’t matter because such clothes are not my style anymore. But on the other hand…a warm, cozy and comfortabele dress (which also allow me to go outside with!) would be great!

Frau Fannie, made by the German Pattern Designer Schnittreif, seamed ideal for my plan.
The sweat with little stars matched perfect to the pattern.



I have to say, I’m a little spoiled with patterns and instructions. My favorite pattern designers make such a good job in construction and have also perfect explained instructions.

Schnittreif is a little bit different… okay, they are also much cheaper.

The only measurement they tell you to find the correct size, is the size of the burst of the finished garment. Yay…
I don’t have much experience in imagination of how much fabric I need for my comfort zone…

And then: Burst? Really? What about hips? I HAVE hips!

Next step was to take a closer look to all finished Frau Fannies in the Blogosphere. The result of this little research was, that it’s not a hips-friendly pattern.

The next thing which made me not so super happy was: There’s no seam allowance included. Yay…

Hm, it doesn’t help to complain, I started to cut my pattern. My size according the burst of the finished garment was between M and L. I thought that I’ll need a L on the hips and then I decided to cut an L without seam allowance on the bodice but on the skirt.


It was fast and easy sewn. I never worked with Sweat before, but in my option it is very similar to jersey.

Then I had to wait forever (okay, one week, but it feels much longer!) for my new sewing machine – a late Christmas present – to finish it.
But then I had so much fun to try out all the new features of my new one.


I used one of the embroidery stitches for the seams. It’s sooooo beautiful! 🙂

After all these complaints I have to say, that I like the dress very much. It’s more casual than my usual wardrobe, it’s really the right thing to wear for a winter day. I think I have to knit suitable gauntlets!

I love the pockets! They are similar to the pockets of my Belladone. I could have these kind of pockets on all of my dresses!


I think a hood would aslo look good on the dress and maybe ultra-long cuffs. Perhaps I’ll try it next time!

Fabric and pattern were sponsored by Stoff-Flausen.

Now it’s time to make some tea and enjoy these cold days!




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