Renfrew by Sewaholic – Stripes are always a good choice

I love my clothes crazy patterned and I didn’t use stripes before, but now I did! At the last fabric market I bought 2 coupons (which means 1.5 x 1.5 metres pre-cutted) with stripes for a very very good price. I think I had already the Renfrew in mind, when I bought them.
I have to say I’m not a big fan of roll necks. But a roll collar? Why not?


The pattern is expensive (why should I pay 11$ for a top, when a dress – A WHOLE OUTFIT! – costs the same?), but you’ll get 3 different collar options: Roll collar, v-neck and round neck.

Back to my new pullover: I like it! It was a nice and fast sewed project, the instructions are very clear. I didn’t make any adjustment and it fits very well.


I needed the whole coupon and my waistband is a little bit smaller than recommended, because I ran out of fabric.
The scarf is double laying and heavy compared to the rest of the pullover.


And I did my very very best to match the stripes, but it didn’t work everywhere. So what? It’s handmade, that’s the important thing!

Have a nice day!


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