Belladone, mon amour!

Uhhh, it was so nice! I couldn’t wait to sew the Belladone after the preps were made.
Following the instructions it was planned to neaten all seams with bias. This was not what I wanted! I want a dress without visible seams!
I underlined the bodice with the rest of the fabric I used for my coat. It wasn’t easy to create the right strategy! I thought a lot about the armhole construction…



I ironed, basted and pleated while I was dancing and singing like a Christmas elf. I had so much fun and enjoyed it the whole time. Every seam was totally as I had planned it. After sewing a lot with Jersey and knit this was exactly what I needed! 🙂


The dress was fast sewn. I had to split my process to two days because I made a short pre-Christmas-visit-trip. On the second day there was only the hem at the lower edge and a few beauty corrections:

Normally the two upper pieces of the bodice back were sewn together. I thought it would be nicer to close them with a button instead.

On top of the invisible zipper I installed a hook and eyes closure.


And – I am very proud of this 🙂 – I sewed my first blind hem! YAY! I read about blind hems at Coletterie a time ago. Unfortunately the closest internet capable device was a stairway away – much too far for me!

I decided to maltreat a leftover piece of fabric until I knew how to pleat it correctly. This was a hard nut to crack, but after sewing and ironing I was so happy! I’m proud of it and I love the hem. I think I will do now blind hems forever 😀

During every sewing project there’s a point where I’m convinced that the garment won’t fit in the end. Don’t ask me why, I’m always sure that it will be too tight. So it this time too. But: It fits perfectly! I can breathe, my boops have enough space to party and the length of the dress is festive without being boring.

Hmmm, why it can’t be Christmas today?



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3 thoughts on “Belladone, mon amour!

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    Bernice says:

    The fabric for this dress is very pretty. Is it corduroy? I was not certain a I looked at the pictures.
    Hope you had a nice Christmas.
    Happy New Year!

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      superkatinka says:

      Hi Bernice!
      It’s no corduroy, it’s a cotton mixed fabric with velvet. But you’re right – it looks like corduroy on the pictures!
      Thanks for your comment! I hope you had pleasent holidays as well!

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