A race to catch up – Moneta #2

In the battle of the perfect Jersey dress the Lady Skater was one step ahead the Moneta. Just to give you a short flashback 😉

This comparison wasn’t totally fair: I used a very cheap and crazy fabric for Moneta and a beautiful and high quality fabric for Lady Skater. To give Moneta a new chance to catch up I sewed it again with a lightweight Jersey in a higher quality. And it’s much more comfortable! For me it’s always fascinating how different the same pattern turn out only by changing the fabric.


I skipped the seam pockets to get a smaller silhouette 😉 I made the same neckline as on the Lady Skater. The front and the back look now nearly the same which makes it hard to put the dress on. I don’t know what to put on the front and what on the back. 😀 I definitely need Label Tags!


I think it’s all said. It was a fast project and I got a new dress – wuhuu!


I don’t know if I like the Lady Skater or the Moneta more. Both have their advantages. Lady Skater is more sportive, Moneta more girly. But who needs a winner? I like both and I’m sure I will sew them from time to time to make a quick new basic dress.

Enjoy your day!


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2 thoughts on “A race to catch up – Moneta #2

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    Bernice says:

    Lovely dress!

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