Weihnachtskleid (Christmas Dress) -Sewalong – And why not?

There’s a Christmas Dress Sewalong along and I thought about taking part, but then I didn’t. I almost finished the last sewalong – remember my coat! – and actually I like to have my own tempo.

But on the other hand, I’m planning to sew two dresses for the holidays and ordered two new patterns few weeks ago. So why don’t creep in?

Here are the plans:

BELLADONE by Deer and Doe in classic grey velvet
Belladone Dear and Doe

I like most about this pattern that the dress looks very classic and elegant but with a modern cut out on the back. The front pockets are beautiful, too. Combined with the grey velvet it might be the perfect Christmas dress.


KIM by BHL in festive red



I found this brandnew pattern by BHL yesterday in my postbox. I’m a scrimper and bought during the presale with 20% discount. YAY! I like most about this pattern, that you can construct two totally different dresses with only one pattern (BHL says three, but I can see only two 😀 ).
They had planned to deliver it at 28th of November but luckily it had arrived earlier. Now it’s time to pre-wash the red herringbone fabric! Which version I’ll sew will stay a secret for now.

For both dresses I’ll sew a muslin. I asked myself whether it’s better to sew both parallel or one after the other. If I decide to finish one by one I’ll have a higher focus on each dress, I think. But working parallel will be quicker.
My plan is to work parallel until the adjusted pattern is finished and then enjoy sewing two perfect fitting dresses.

Now I’m looking really forward to the Christmas holidays with me-made garments.




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