Lady Skater #1


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During my journey to the perfect pattern for knit dresses there’s one pattern you have to sew: The Lady Skater.

I read often that this dress is quick sewn and fits perfectly. My first thought was, that this dress will be too tight on my belly.

In the meantime, Katharina sewed her forth Lay Skater. Four times the same dress – this means that either she’s totally crazy or she found the perfect pattern. At this point I knew that I had to try this pattern as well.

Printed, pasted, cut and sewn in less than 2.5 hours! Personal record!

141213_Lady Skater_04

To sum up: The pattern is awesome! The dress really fits perfectly and I didn’t have to make any adjustments. I even don’t know what I could do better next time. It’s the perfect dress – I’m totally thrilled!

141213_Lady Skater_03

If you’d like to find something to grump, than maybe about the instructions: My personal opinion is, that for a charged pattern the instructions look not very professional and sometimes the images confuse more than help. This is why I won’t recommend it to a beginner even if it’s easy to sew.

141213_Lady Skater_02

Let’s see if I’ll have also 4 Lady Skaters one day. But it’s already sure that it will not only stick to one!

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