V1419 Sewalond #4 – Completed! YAY!


It’s finally done! I haven’t thought that this day would really come – but yes – it’s done! Haha, this sounds strange, doesn’t it? But for me this coat tooks forever! I can’t count all the hours I have been working on this garment.

But now I can wear it. YAY!

This coat was me biggest and hardest project so far. There are lots of tricky spots which let me realize that I’m still a beginner without much experience. My machine is also not the best.

Here’s my Top 3 of the tricky spots:


  1. Hemming the neckline
    I have never seen such a bulge before! Now I know why some of you have a piece of wood in the sewing room and call it a clapper. I even don’t know if there’s a German word for it. 😀141203_V1419_052. Welt Pockets
    I made them at the end, because form e it makes more sense to choose the correct placement while I’m wearing the coat. I need a lot of overcoming to cut into an almost completed garment.
    I practiced two times: once with the muslin fabric and once with the original fashion fabric. This was a good idea, because on my first try I sew the 141203_V1419_07
    1. Buttonholes and Bar Tracks!
      This part has driven me crazy! My buttonholes are a mess and I swore the whole time. After the first very ugly Buttonhole I ignored the constructions and made my own bias measurement. For me it worked much better with longer and wider bias.
      The Bar Tracks were fun, too. It took forever to do them and it’s impossible to make them equal.



These were my tricky parts, but in turn it meant that I have learned a lot!


The sewalong was fun, especially because it was international. You’re not alone with your sewing problems and there’s always someone who answers your questions.

On the other side there’s a fixed schedule. Of course you can choose your own tempo, but it’s better tob e in time, I think. Sometimes I was too fast and bored and sewed another garment in the meantime which I’d like to finish before going on with the coat.
This gave me the feeling of a never-ending-coat-story which wasn’t the best for my motivation.

Hey, but now I’m finished and I love how it came out!




You can see all the other coats in our flickr group.




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4 thoughts on “V1419 Sewalond #4 – Completed! YAY!

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    Crystal Rice says:

    I think your coat is beautiful! I’ve picked mine back up this week and am working on the welt pockets today. I find myself obsessing over having equal measurements on each side, then stepping back and staring at it on my dress form. My eyes are starting to play tricks on me. I need to trust the numbers and slice. SO many butterflies in my stomach!

    • 3.1
      superkatinka says:

      Oh Crystal, I’m so sorry that I didn’t wrote you earlier! You comment was hold back by my spam agent.
      I’m happy to hear that you’re going to finish your coat! Your fabric is so beautiful and I’m sure that the coat will look amazing.
      I hope I’ll see it on flickr?

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