Moneta for less money

The headline is fun, but in fact the fabric was so cheap. Making a bargain makes me always happy 😀

I found the fabric on a rummage table at the last fabric market. 2.5 metres for only 8€. Yihaaa! It’s a very special design and it’s not the kind of fabric you fell in love for the first sight. To be honest: My first thought was to buy it as a fabric for an elastic muslin.

At the moment I’m looking for my perfect knit pattern. I made a lot of good experiences with Colette which makes me wanna start with Moneta.

Moneta has 3 different length for the sleeves and an opotional collar. What I like very much is, that there’s an add-on freebook with a lot more collars.

Including sticking the pattern pieces I needed only 3 hours to sew the dress. The most time intensive part was the sticking and the cutting. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. This is what I like most on Colette Patterns.



I didn’t make any adjustments, which reduces my sewing time, too.

Isn’t it nice to start a project on Saturday night and go out on Sunday with a brand new self-made outfit? 😀

I like the size of the dress, it fits very well and it’s very comfortable to wear.


I’m not totally convinced with the ruffles in the waistline. Maybe it’s because of the plastic-double-stretch fabric, I need to try this pattern again on a fabric with higher quality. I just need 2 free hours for sewing it 🙂


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