Which season is the best time to wear maxi skirts? If you ask me, I would say: ALL SEASONS!
The Garbriola from Sewaholic is soooo beautiful! I think the style is perfect and I can even explain it: Most maxi skirst have a (elastic) waistband and ruffels and are not showing the figure.

Gabriola is more clever: It’s tight from the waist to the hip which shows your silhouette perfectly and then it’s going to very wide and flattering.

And here’s my old problem: I’m a chiffon-nerd and totally insane.
Before I start sewing I usually read a lot about the pattern. I found this nice article on the Sewaholic blog, where Caroline wrote how though it is to sew the skirt from chiffon. At least because you need to line it completely.
Uhhh, and guess what my insane-self said: YAY! Let’s sew this damn skirt from chiffon and line it!


This is not as funny, as it sounds. I swear a lot. A LOT, believe me!
The cutting was terrible as usual, but the really though part was to serge everthing.
I bought a serger few weeks before and was fully enthusiastic. I didn’t know that it’s so hard to serge chiffon with a serger… maybe my machine is not professionel enough, I don’t know.


After that long and hard fight, I was so happy to go on with the lining, because the fabric for the lining is not so slippy. This was easygoing.
Also not funny: While sewing the lining I recognized, that I made a lot of mistakes with the chiffon like sewing the pieces wrong together. But it was impossible to fix this and I went on.

Hm let’s say: I finished it to have it finished.


When I tried it on the first time, my hubby showed me discreetly that he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like maxi skirts and he doesn’t like the fitting on me.

I have to say that the skirt is not well done. The fabric has driven me crazy – I really need to learn how to sew chiffon.

Will I ever sew a Gabriola skirt again? Well, if I have to answer right now, it’s easy to sag: NO! But to be honest, I’m sure that I’ll have round about three of them in my wardrobe till next summer. And why? Easy, too: I LOVE THIS PATTERN! Hahaa!


See you!

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