V1419 Sewalong #2– Making the Muslin

Okay, let’s get started.

Since a few days I’m the lucky owner of a small sewing corner in the cellar, next to the washing machine and the dryer. This does not sound very nice, but it’s mine and I can make whatever I want.

Perfect circumstances to start with the muslin.

It took me some time to get into the project – believe me, for a beginner the instruction from vogue patterns isn’t the easiest one.

Highly motivated I copied the pieces, cut the muslin fabric and stitched everything together.

Three hours later I had finished this first muslin:


Unfortunately there were 2 things which were not so…hm… optimal:

1: I can’t close it and there are pleats in the back. I could sew a bigger size but I don’t have it on my pattern. I could a) order the bigger pattern, but then I had to pay again for the international shipping (which is more expensive then the pattern was) or b) ignore the wrong size and just add a few centimeters to the back and the front piece.

2: The marks didn’t match perfectly together. And again I could a) ignore it and be confident, that everything will turn out very nice just as I’m using the fashion fabric or I could b) re-draw the pieces and copy every mark and explanation directly on the fabric.

The decision was b) for both issues.
Neither did I want to pay double nor did I want to wait another two weeks to receive the pattern. And hey, it’s just a few centimeters… no big deal!

But of course I need to try again.

Let’s start with Muslin #2

As already decided I added 6cm to the back and 4cm to (each) front by guess. Not the best idea, but see it on your own.


The coat fits better, but the shoulders are too wide and the upper back is too wide. The waistline instead is too small in the back and maybe as a compensation I lost the waist completely in the front.

Hm. To be honest, I didn’t know what to do. I really needed a break and a sense of achievement. I started with an easy dress to practice a few adjustment like a FBA and a flat neckline adjustment.



Links: vorher, blau markiert ist das, was ich rausgenommen hab Rechts: nachher, grün ist der Teil, den ich eingefügt hab

And – wuhuuuu – it works. Hello self-confidence, welcome back!

I’ll show you the finished dress on Wednesday to keep the tension high J

Back to the coat: Here it’s more difficult because the sleeves are also part of the front. Luckily it’s a sewalong and I’m not alone with my questions. One of the sewalongers had a similar problem and fixed it and documented it.

Let’s go on with muslin #3

First I cutted back my enlargement in the back and the front. Then I made a kind of FBA on the front and similar to the back.



And here’s the result:

Now I think the fitting is fine. The fashion fabric is thicker, heavier and with more stiffness. I’m confident that it will turn out good.
And it’s not a surprise that I’m happy to quit the muslin odyssey for now and that I can start to cut my fashion fabric. Yieha!

See you!


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