Hawthorn #2

I adore slight and smooth fabric like chiffon or silk. Unfortunately this kind of fabric is often slippery.
After lots of hours with this kind of material and lots of swearing I mostly get a nice garment. But I also need a big pause from this kind of fabric after such a project.
Perfect timing to sew my next Hawthron out of Jeans! I bought the fabric at the local store and got 3.4 meters and paid just 3.1 – yay!
Stars AND Jeans – couldn’t be happier! 🙂

As already announced I needed this new Jeans Hawthorn with sleeves very urgent and after finishing I realized HOW urgent it was 🙂


Hawthron_Colette_Patterns Hawthron_Colette_Patterns Hawthron_Colette_Patterns

While I’m working on that garment I had a few doubts whether it could look like a working coat. The knee length combined with sleeves looks quickly old-fashioned. I decided to shorten it. After that I was very happy with the result.



I’m proud of the cuff. It was the first time I have sewn something like this and it wasn’t as hard as I had expected. Ok, you have to iron a lot and there are a lot of steps but the result is so nice!


This project shows me again: The second dress is always much easier than the first. All the things which I had struggled with within my first version are now totally clear to me. It was fun to sew it and I finished the dress quickly.

Luckily I bought 35 meters of cheap cotton last week for the V1419 Project. (I’m nearly sure that I won’t need the whole bale for this project, but you never know)
I decided to work more with muslins from now on.
What about you? Do you sew muslins for each project?


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