One of my first sewing project was a simple mobile case. This is not very difficult and you don’t need so much material – perfect beginner project!
My husband asked me to sew him one, too. But for me a project has to be challenging and there was no more challenge for me, because I already completed this 🙂 But I’m a nice girl and so I gave my case to him. And guess what? He lost it two weeks later.
His birthday wish for this year was a new mobile. Ha! The best time to sew a new case – of course on a higher level to challenge me 😉

First I had to eat all the M&M’s and then to clean and unfold the wrapping. To achieve a higher stability I sandwiched it with another self-sticking film which is usually for wrapping books.
Following the idea of Kreativlabor Berlin the sewing was done quickly.

Unfortunately it’s a little bit too small. Films are non-elastic – what a surprise…
Now the case is a kind of a voucher and my husband haven’t bought his new phone yet. He will get one which fits perfectly.
I’m such a nice wife, aren’t I? 🙂

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