About me

Hello out there!

I am Kathrin.
I’m a communication and graphic designer and live in a small city in Germany together with my husband.

I do a lot of things and I always try to do everything with passion and ambition. I started to sew on my 32nd birthday and this is also my current age. And yes, this means I sew only since few weeks and I’m self-taught. Or better: internet-taught.
I started this blog to have a platform to show my newborn and growing skills.

I love to read English blogs and I like English patterns – so why don’t start to blog in english as well? As a German mother tongue my English is not perfect, but I think this doesn’t really matter. If there’s something totally stupid written, please feel free to correct me!

Ohh, and do you know, what “wedel” mean? If there’s something so nice and cute and lovely that you need to fan fresh air with your hand to your face. You know that, I’m pretty sure!
I’d like to post about all the stuff I made myself, which makes me “wedel”


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